8 Vital Questions to Ask When Looking for a Dog Training Class

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In this guide, we give you all the questions to ask when looking for a dog training class. 1. Is the Trainer Qualified? It might surprise you, but the dog training industry in the UK is totally unregulated. There is no requirement for dog trainers to be professionally qualified and, as a result, many aren’t. […]

Learn How Positive Reinforcement Will Transform the Behaviour of Your Gundog

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Why We Provide Gundog Training Using Positive Reinforcement We provide modern gundog training using positive reinforcement because this has been scientifically proven to work. Through research and numerous studies, we now know that dogs don’t see us as other dogs. They see us as an entirely different species. All the theories about needing to dominate […]

7 Things Traditional Gundog Trainers Won’t Tell You

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The Best Gundog Training Methods Are Those That Are Scientifically Proven to Work   Nowadays, most people visit the pharmacy when they need to buy medicine. Gone are the days where we visit African Witchdoctors or use Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat illnesses. This is because modern medicines are more effective than traditional ones. They have […]