Reviews & Testimonials

 5 Star Review #74

Jude Hart with Lola (Flatcoat Retriever) – Feb 2018

“After a long long search I have found a gundog training group which answers all my needs. Fun, friendly people with excellent coaching with fantastic tips which help keep the attention of my 2 flatcoats..which isn’t always easy! I wish I’d known about Acer Gundog Training earlier. Thank You Mark.”

 5 Star Review #73

Kelly Reynolds with Gunner (Cocker Spaniel) – Feb 2018

“When we bought home our working cocker spaniel puppy we decided that we wanted him to start puppy classes in order for him to be a well behaved, obedient and happy family member. As soon as I found Mark’s website I new that this was exactly what Gunner needed. We don’t intend on ‘working’ Gunner but Mark and Tori both have the skills and knowledge of how an excitable cocker’s mind works!!! The classes are friendly, small and very informative with lots of tasks you can use at home. Gunner has without doubt picked up a lot in the 7-8 weeks we have been going as well as us on how to handle and nourish his growing personality!! Thanks Mark & Tori for your help.”

5 Star Review #72

Claire Moynihan with Harvey (Working Cocker Spaniel) – Jan 2018

“We have been training with Mark at Acer Gundog Training since Harvey, our Working Cocker Spaniel, was 14 weeks. It has been a hugely rewarding and beneficial experience, giving us confidence and strategies for coping with our bright and strong minded puppy. Each week we learn new exercises which gives us material to practice and keep Harvey enriched for the week ahead. We are hoping to work Harvey in the future but also aim to have a well behaved and sociable dog. Acer classes provide a reassuring and friendly environment and we highly recommend them.”

 5 Star Review #71

Penny Hutchings with Oscar (Labrador Retriever) – Jan 2017

“I had been training my three year old Labrador since he was a pup, but like many owners I hit a plateau with our training and wanted to get some expert advice on how to progress our training further. After much research I came across Acer Gundog Training. Oscar and I joined a weekend class, and so glad I did. Mark and his team are exceptional trainers, very knowledgeable and intuitive to each handler and their dog, pitching the class so that everyone progresses at their own pace. The classes are relaxed and fun and you come away with lots of knowledge and things to practise for the following week.

I have attended many dog training courses, classes and workshops over the years where you have been training alongside a variety of breeds, but there is something very special when you are in a group of just gundog owners where you can chat, share tips and advice and talk about the highs and lows, the joys and frustrations that only another gundog owner would understand.

I would highly recommend Acer Gundog Training, definitely a five star training group which you will not regret joining.”

 5 Star Review #70

Susan Orton with Buddy (Labrador Retriever) – Dec 2017

“I found Acer after already completing puppy classes with another trainer. It’s a lovely small class with nice people, nobody makes you feel uncomfortable if your dog is not doing what it’s told and Buddy loves it! I wanted to find somewhere that I could bring out Buddy’s natural abilities and it’s definitely doing that! Thank you for having us!”

5 Star Review #69

Melissa Walker with Bentley (Labrador Retriever) – Nov 2017

“I’d been following the Acer Gundog page for a few months prior to getting a dog, so when Bentley came home it was only natural for me to contact Mark in regards to training sessions. Starting training with Mark and Tori was the best thing I could have done for both Bentley and myself. Acer Gundog Training uses positive reward based training which has really helped Bentley to excel. I’m surprised every week at what a clever dog I have and it’s thanks to Mark and the team that I’ve been able to bring out the best in him. We have just graduated from puppy to beginner training and I can’t wait to see us progress further with our training. Whether you’ve a working dog or a pet, I couldn’t recommend Acer Gundog Training enough!”

5 Star Review #68

Freya Vasiliou with Archie (Working Cocker Spaniel) – Nov 2017

“Archie our working cocker spaniel has recently graduated puppy class and is currently attending beginner gundog classes at Acer. We really enjoy the classes as it helps us understand how to gain focus from Archie and also how to exercise his mind. The instructors are really helpful and we always have new things to work on every week. Thanks Mark and Tori! We look forward to continuing Archie’s training with you!”

5 Star Review #67

Grace & James Mitchell with Moose (Labrador Retriever) – Nov 2017

“James and I went to Mark with our Lab, Moose. Moose was 11weeks old when he started puppy class, Mark made it fun which helped keep moose keen in training, Moose is now in Mark’s beginner Gun Dog class! Each week is different and you go away with something new each time. Thank you Mark!”

5 Star Review #66

Fran Jacobs with Teal (Labrador Retriever) – Nov 2017

“We heard about Mark and Acer Gun Dog training from a friend, who sang his praises. We had a new black lab puppy, Teal who we were finding a bit of a handful…. but it was us who were out of practice! Mark was very helpful and patient when we had a couple of 1 to 1 sessions with him before joining his Wednesday puppy class.  Teal was 5 months when we started so she was a bit older than the other pups, but the small group made it quite easy for us to fit in and both owners and their dogs made us all welcome. Mark is a great trainer and makes everything fun. In fact the hour goes by almost too quickly….although the “tea break” is a welcome interlude for dogs and owners alike to have a chat. Teal loves the sessions and has made good progress in all the aspects we have covered. We try and practice as much as possible with her so that each week hopefully Mark sees an improvement in us both. A well trained dog is a joy to handle but without good guidance from a trainer it is hard to achieve on ones own. Teal is first and foremost a pet but hopefully will eventually attend shoots in a year or so. However what ever she does we know that she will be disciplined and well behaved thanks to Mark’s help and encouragement. We can thoroughly recommend Mark and Acer Gun Dog Training!!”

5 Star Review #65

Jonathan Trafford with Cato (Labrador Retriever) – Oct 2017

“Another great session today with Mark of Acer Gundog Training despite pouring rain. Easy on a weekly basis to see material improvement of Cato’s skills. Couldn’t recommend more highly!”

5 Star Review #64

Joanne Watson with Brinkley (German Shorthaired Pointer) – Oct 2017

“100% love our training sessions. Small friendly classes and I can see Brinkley really starting to focus and enjoy the lessons too. At times the focus of the lesson can seem really tough but Mark steers you though it really well and before you know it you are doing it. The lessons just fly by. Thanks to Mark and Tori for all your help.”

5 Star Review #63

Kerry Clarke with Ozzy (Bracco Italiano) – Sept 2017

“Highly recommend the 1-2-1 training with Mark. Really enjoyed our session the other evening & will definitely go back in the daylight”

5 Star Review #62

Tom & Aurelia Neumark with Wapi (Golden Retriever) – Sept 2017

“My wife and I take Wapi to the Beginner Gundog Class with Mark. We all absolutely love it. Mark is extremely patient and encouraging and the classes are really fun. Only positive training methods are used, which is something that is important to us. We’re looking forward to the day when Wapi graduates to the next class.”

5 Star Review #61

Vicki Watt & Wispa (Labrador Retriever) – Sept 2017

“My little Lab has just graduated from puppy class and we will certainly be carrying on with gundog lessons! Really well organised classes, with small dog numbers so you always get lots of help and support. Nicely keep things moving through the hour so the dogs don’t have a chance to get bored. Tea break is a perfect time to socialise the puppies and have a chat about any problems you may be having with the new addition to the family. Very highly recommend Mark and Acer training and so does Wispa the puppy”

5 Star Review #60

Alan Shackleton; BVSc(Pret), CertVR, Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, MRCVS

René Shackleton; BVSc(Pret), MRCVS

 – (Owners of Potton Vets) – August 2017

“René and I met Mark yesterday, we were very impressed with his manner, professionalism and training ethos. He has a special interest in gundog training using positive reinforcement methods and we feel confident in recommending him for any gundog training, even if your dog is a pet not intended for work. Alan and René, Potton Vets.”

5 Star Review #59

Jacky Hullett & Hunter (Working Cocker Spaniel) – August 2017

“Our working cocker spaniel puppy, Hunter and I are just loving our classes with Acer Gundog Training. I’m so thrilled to have been recommended the classes via a friend of a friend. Each class is so different and stimulating for both Hunter and me, with SO many clever techniques and ideas. Although Hunter is just a pet, and not going to be a working dog, these classes work to his natural strengths and are really fantastic! Thanks so much, Mark and Tori!”

5 Star Review #58

Rhiannon Price-Lewis & Inca (Labrador Retriever ) – August 2017

“As a qualified IMDT instructor I’m always looking to improve my own training with my black lab Inca. When I decided to focus on Gundog work I would only trust Mark, who I have met on several training courses in the past. As I know his skill & passion for the sport is second to none.

Mark is a very inclusive trainer (often Gundog training can feel like an exclusive old ‘mens’ club). Mark is a strong advocate of positive reinforcement, something that is surprising rare in the Gundog world. There is nothing better than training your dog in the great outdoors, seeing improvement & knowing that the bond between you & your dog is only getting stronger.

Mark is an approachable trainer who adapts the classes to the various different levels of the dogs & owners. You leave feeling that you have progressed in each class & this keeps you excited for your dogs & your future development in Gundog work.

The training ground & variety of terrain that Mark trains in is fantastic and gives plenty of opportunity to hone your gundog skills. So whether you just want to enjoy training your dog, want to work him on shoots or move into field trails you know you’ll be prepared!

I wish I lived closer to the training ground so I could train more regularly as I can’t recommend Mark, his knowledge & training highly enough.”

5 Star Review #57

Debbie Wallwork & Paisley (Weimaraner) – July 2017

“Have had some great training sessions with my puppy Paisley since taking her to Acer Gundog Training since she was 11 weeks old. Now at 6 months old she has just graduated from the Puppy Class and up into Beginners, and I can see all the things we have learnt along the way have really started to pay off. The classes are really enjoyable and I can highly recommend the Acer Gundog Training classes for dogs of any age.”

5 Star Review #56

Chloe Doherty & Flora (German Wirehaired Pointer) – July 2017

“I cannot recommend Mark highly enough! Having bought Flora, our first GWP puppy, we were keen to start her training as soon as possible. Mark conducts every session with a gentle, yet efficient approach – I happily make the 40 minute journey because of this. Flora and myself absolutely love our weekly sessions – we have so much fun, but are also learning so many valuable life skills in the process.”

5 Star Review #55

Chloe Myers & Poppy (German Shorthaired Pointer) – June 2017

“We would 100% recommend Acer gundog training. Having never owned a GSP before we wanted to make sure little Poppy had the best start possible so we signed her up to start as soon as she had completed all of her vaccinations. She is now 7 months old and with huge thanks to Mark, lots of patience & positive reinforcement Poppy is growing into a really well behaved little lady. It is hugely rewarding to see your dog pick up new commands, move up the classes and more importantly be an absolute pleasure to be around both at home and out in the field. Thanks Mark!”

5 Star Review #54

Suzanne Pearson with Lucy & Rosa (Golden Retrievers) – June 2017

“We have worked and bred Golden Retrievers for nearly 40 yrs and our latest youngster has got off to a super start alongside her 3 brothers, having just graduated from puppy class at Acer Gundog Training.
They respond to the whistle well, stop and recall, and the loose lead walking is coming on beautifully.
Marks methods gain focus and pleasure to puppies as they learn methodically to achieve new goals, and develop into the gundog you enjoy a relationship with.”

5 Star Review #53

Mary-Ann Hanson & Daisy (Golden Retriever) – June 2017

“I joined Acer Gundog Training having been recommended by a friend and the puppy classes are fantastic! Primarily our puppy is a family pet and companion for when I go running. Mark’s instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow. He sends a great new starter email providing information on what to bring and expect? We’ve been attending classes around 3 months, met lots of lovely people and made friends. Classes are fun and relaxed, in coffee breaks we share puppy training concerns, such as nipping, how to judge what is ‘acceptable’ puppy play? There is a real sense of fun, community and wanting everyone to succeed. We’ve learned so much together, such as getting your puppy to make eye contact for permission. I’m enjoying using a whistle for recall, practicing a sit stay and our ‘wait’ trick which we learned early on was great fun and a good confidence booster.”

5 Star Review #52

Fiona Fowler IMDT & Millie (Lab/Vizsler X) – June 2017

“We had a fantastic time…. I myself am a dog trainer, we met up with Mark to learn a little more about gundog training. I have been around gun dogs and seen them trained in various ways throughout my life so really wanted to get a feel for it from another IMDT member. Everything we worked on made perfect sense, was clearly explained and fluid. We drove from West Mersea in Essex so travelled for almost 2 hours and it was worth it. Enjoyed every minute, learnt lots, have much to practice and my dog slept all the way home. Many thanks Mark.”

5 Star Review #51

Katy Enefer & Isla (Cocker Spaniel) – May 2017

“Mark comes with my highest recommendations. Isla and I started off with attending 1 to 1 classes and now we are attending group classes. Mark’s ways of teaching are fantastic and are always very positive, Isla, my Cocker Spaniel enjoys these classes very much (Wednesdays have become her favourite day). She has improved with her steadiness, recall, retrieving and much more, especially her heel work!!! Without Mark’s calm, patient and positive training methods, Isla would not be the dog that she is today.”

5 Star Review #50

Linda & Paul Harding with Hattie & Lewis (Golden Retrievers) – May 2017

“Having kept two puppies (Hattie and Lewis) from our latest Golden Retriever litter, I knew that we needed specialist help with training, in particular in getting them to focus on us and not each other. Luckily we found Acer Gundog Training and my husband and I started classes when the puppies were 18 weeks old, just in time to save my sanity. Mark is an exceptionally patient and knowledgeable trainer. He explained that there is no fast fix and that all successful training is built up in layers. There is no use of force to make your dog behave but by the dog being focussed on you with positive reward and recognition. The classes are held in a beautiful location and are outside (sunshine or rain) therefore in a real life environment. This is particularly helpful to achieving steadiness, your dog is unlikely to spend much of his future life in a village hall but more than likely to be out and about with wildlife and other dogs. The one hour classes are fun for both owners and dogs with a tea break midway which tends to be a clinic for those little but irksome niggles. The sessions are varied and therefore do not allow your dog to become bored, but each little bit is part of the jigsaw to having a well behaved Gundog. My biggest want when joining the classes was to be able to walk with my dogs on a loose lead and already Lewis has achieved this, a first time that we haven’t resorted to using a harness or a type of halti but just an ordinary collar and lead. Despite having owned golden retrievers for nearly 21 years, I have learned so much through Mark’s training sessions. I have now started to use some of the training methods on my older dogs – it is certainly never too late to teach an old dog new tricks or indeed the owners! I have no hesitation in recommending Acer Gundog Training to anyone with a dog, whatever breed, age or ability. When we joined in February 2017 I was doubting my judgement in having kept two siblings. Anyone will tell you that you should never ever have two litter mates or indeed puppies close in age. I had two puppies who jumped at me when I prepared their meals, played constantly and basically ignored me and I wondered what an earth I had done. With Mark’s help we are coming through the dark side and getting real focus back on us and not on each other. Of course as puppies they are each developing at different stages, just like the owners understanding but Mark allows for that and makes the whole thing a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.”

5 Star Review #49

Rob Knobel-Forbes & Cinder (Labrador) – May 2017

“Whole heartedly recommend Mark. Calm, relaxed nature with well structured training. Training not just your dog but you as well. The positive, reward basis for training keeps your dogs interest and enjoyment levels high.”

5 Star Review #48

Kelly Notley & Larry (Golden Retriever) – May 2017

“We have been training our Golden Retriever Puppy Larry with Mark for around 4 months now, and Larry’s progress is fantastic! The classes are fun, relaxed and relevant. Highly recommended.”

5 Star Review #47

Gill Taylor, Ziva & Kenda (Welsh Springer Spaniels) – May 2017

“Completed basic training when Kenda and sister Ziva, 2 Welsh springer spaniels, were little but due to various circumstances had no formal training for about a year after resulting in 2 lovely but naughty teenagers. We were recommended to Mark at Acer and on day one I could not even lean away from Kenda let alone try a stay com and. Now after a couple of months, with Mark’s patient and knowledgeable tuition there’s a great improvement, she is responding to a whistle and can almost manage a minute stay at 20 yards. Training in the real world, in the lovely countryside adds to the enjoyment of lessons for me and the dog.”

5 Star Review #46

Catherine Marsden & Mossi (Italian Spinone) – May 2017

“Mossi and I have just completed our first 6 weeks of Gundog training. Mark has a calm, friendly, structured and methodical approach to our lessons. He used positive reinforcement reward based training methods and each owner/dog can progress at their own pace. It’s sociable and fun and looking forward to the next block of lessons.”

5 Star Review #45

Anna Goodsall & Biggles (Clumber Spaniel) – April 2017

“I thoroughly recommend Acer Gundog training classes. Mark’s gentle but efficient training style is great – and his humorous approach puts everyone at ease. I travel 40 minutes to get there (with a fair wind) but it is absolutely worth it. As a bonus the location of the classes is beautiful! Aside from enjoying watching my dog developing and putting to good use all his spaniel skills, the training has really helped me bond with him. I now understand much better what makes him tick. A daily 20 minute session practising our newly-learnt skills at home has resulted in a calmer, more settled dog (and owner!). My dog is a family pet, and I don’t plan to use him in his true “working” capacity, but the Gundog training has benefitted us in so many ways. Wish I had discovered Acer sooner!”

5 Star Review #44

Francesca Hill & Reggie (Labrador Rottweiler X) – April 2017

“We’re really impressed with Mark’s classes. He uses positive reinforcement training methods with no aversive or punishing methods which is exactly what we were looking for. Reggie is always happy, relaxed and focused in his classes as he knows he gets treats and to retrieve, his 2 favourite things in life! He has learnt so much in his first 6 classes and we have just paid for 6 more, worth every penny.”

5 Star Review #43

Dave Saville & Marley (Labrador Retriever) – April 2017

“Training with Mark at Acer Gundog Training is working. 3rd in a section at Thriplow Daffodill Weekend gun dog scurry. One seen and a blind in a bush”

5 Star Review #42

Bev Boardman & Buzz (Springer Spaniel) – April 2017

“Acer Gundog Training is fantastic, Mark is very considerate of everyone in his classes, he treats every dog and their human/s as individuals. Mark has loads of experience in gundog training which shows in his classes. I happily recommend him to anyone thinking of having a go.”

5 Star Review #41

Liz Rowbotham & Spencer (Clumber Spaniel) – April 2017

“Incredibly patient tuition and full of alternative ideas when your dog won’t fall plan A or B or C!!!”

5 Star Review #40

Shirley Swanson & Tor (Spanish Water Dog) – April 2017

“Acer Gundog Training is tremendous fun & sociable for both dogs & humans. Mark keeps it varied & interesting, & whether you want to work your dog or not your dog will love it, plus it will improve the bond between you. The difference in Tor, my Spanish Water Dog since we have been coming to ‘Mazin’ Mark is wonderful resulting in a all round happy, fun & responsive dog. I fully recommend Acer Gundog Training to anyone who wants to enjoy life with their dog.”

5 Star Review #39

Kim Saville & Stanley (Cocker Spaniel) – March 2017

“Absolutely fantastic…. I’ve been attending with Stan a working cocker spaniel who definitely had his own agenda!! Mark has taught me the rewards of positive training and lots of patience. Stan loves socialising with his buddies and I’ve definitely made friends for life….” 

5 Star Review #38

Tracey Robins – March 2017

“I contacted Mark for advice and he was so helpful. The information he gave me was easy to understand and I was able to put into practice his instructions. The information he provided was clear and concise. Definitely recommend him to anyone wishing to further their training.”

5 Star Review #37

Ian Mackenzie & Marnie (Labrador Retriever) March 2017

“Mark’s classes are excellent, based on positive reinforcement and very sociable (for both dogs and owners). Mark has taught me some useful techniques to improve our dog’s calmness, control and general obedience. The classes are not too big so that it feels like personal instruction and we have seen tremendous progress. The classes are well structured and provide a good level of challenge to the dogs. I would heartily recommend Mark to any owner looking to train their animal and gain a greater understanding of their dog’s psychology.”

5 Star Review #36

Lizzie & Fausti (Poodle) March 2017

“On behalf of Fausti the Gunpoodall “this is the best school for learning to gundog”

5 Star Review #35

Cath Johnson & Roo (Hungarian Vizsler) Feb 2017

“My Wirehaired Vizsla ‘Roo’ and I have been attending beginner Gundog classes with Mark for a couple of months now. We’re really enjoying it and it is really helping Roo with his training and also with his confidence. He’s only 7.5 months and sometimes we have to scale down what he does in class in comparison to the older dogs, but this is no problem and Mark always has little tips and tricks up his sleeve to help Roo progress. I would recommend these classes to anyone that wants to improve their dogs training and development.”

5 Star Review #34

Natasha Clarke, & Riley (Wirehaired Vizsler)  Feb 2017

“The first impression of Mark was that he has a very calm considered personality. He is not judgemental, but genuinely wants to give the owner and dog the best possible quality of life together. There are no silver bullets, but the training and exercises are relevant and over time have made a real difference. Overall we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mark and we have a dog (Reilly, a Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla ) that is unrecognisable from the one that came to the first training class. We would recommend Acer to anyone and thank you for giving us the tools to enjoy our Reilly even more.. we definitely will be booking some gun dog classes in the future..”

5 Star Review #33

John McLeod & Shona (Cocker Spaniel) Feb 2017

“We started training with Mark just seven weeks ago. Already we can see a difference in our mad working cocker Shona. She is calmer, responds to the whistle and seems to enjoy the sessions as much as we do. Mark is very good at making the training accessible and even in the small groups makes you feel like you are receiving individual attention.”

5 Star Review #32

Anita Longstaff & Rio (Cocker Spaniel) Feb 2017

“I have found Mark’s training methods to be kind and considerate and get results. My working cocker really loves the challenge of the training sessions. Heel work and his general obedience have improved enormously. Mark explains his training instructions clearly and with the thinking behind it to ensure a positive experience for dog and owner.”

5 Star Review #31

Si Boardman & Loki (English Springer Spaniel) Feb 2017

“I decided that my Sons springer, Loki, needed a purpose rather than running around like something possessed. What could be better than gundog training? We started with Mark at Acer and almost immediately, by following Marks instruction and advice, both Loki and I we seemed to be well on the way to becoming a “team”. I have had experience of other trainers and must say that it is great the way Mark tailors his instruction for both the dog and the handler. I think that Loki is probably easier to train than me but Mark perseveres. We both look forward to our class each week.”

5 Star Review #30

Tom Moules & Dude (Labrador) Feb 2017

“I have had both 1 to 1 and group classes with Mark and couldn’t recommend him more. A great guy who has made owning my first lab a great deal easier. Loads of fantastic advice aswell as fun tasks, coffee and yummy cakes.”

5 Star Review #29

Diane Goddard & Quibble (Labrador) Feb 2017

“I think Mark’s way of teaching makes it fun for both dog and handler. There is no pressure to be perfect and the dog will take the time it takes to learn. I like the reward way of teaching too. We look forward to Sunday afternoons.”

5 Star Review #28

Eva Wengstrom & Rasmus (Labrador) Feb 2017

“Thank you Mark for yet another fun informative session. From two very contented customer of whom one is fast asleep.”

5 Star Review #27

Molly Scott & Ludo (Labrador) Feb 2017

“Mark is the best. He makes training fun for dogs and handlers alike, and is able to keep classes challenging for everyone without taking anybody out of their depth. Recommend 100% if you’re lucky enough to get a spot in an Acer class. I will always be grateful for the lovely dog my puppy is becoming thanks to Mark.”

5 Star Review #26

Kate Pinnock & Tiggy (Golden Retriever) Jan 2017

“I enrolled on the puppy class with my 12 week old golden retriever pup Tiggy and can thoroughly recommend it. Mark is great at making everyone feel relaxed and has a nice, calm, clear way of teaching. As well as the more formal training, it is great to be able to ask (even silly!) questions, for the puppies to be around other young dogs and to talk to the other owners! Your first puppy can be somewhat overwhelming even if you have grown up with lots of dogs and animals, Mark’s classes have been great for helping me to get over that initial feeling and gain confidence with Tiggy. Tiggy thoroughly enjoys the class too and I cannot wait for the next one!”

5 Star Review #25

Jane McGuffog & Quincey (Cocker Spaniel) Jan 2017

“Have had a set of 1:1 lessons and now attending Beginner Gundog Training . This has been brilliant for my young cocker spaniel who has come on leaps and bounds in terms of heel work, steadiness and recall. He really enjoys the classes which provide a chance to meet like minded owners and test the dog’s (and mine) work with distraction. Mark’s classes are excellent and I highly recommend him!!”

5 Star Review #24

Jane Price with Vinnie & Freyja (both Hungarian Vizslas) Dec 2016

“We got in touch with Acer Gundog Training as we were about to get a new puppy and felt that we needed some help with our 5 year old Hungarian Vizsla, Vinnie who was very nervous around other dogs. We wanted to help Vinnie and also make the introduction between Vinnie and the new puppy as positive as possible. Mark suggested Acer’s Good Dog Programme which offered us a full review for Vinnie and six 1-1 sessions of training. Over the 6 sessions Mark helped me learn how to support Vinnie when around other dogs by teaching me how to read Vinnie’s body language and the signals he was giving me which I had been missing. We worked at distance at first and progressed to much closer work with other dogs. I learnt to understand what Vinnie had been trying to tell me and this continued to improve with each session. Mark also helped me to reinforce Vinnie’s recall and taught me a whole bag of other tricks to use in different situations. Mark gave us advice on introducing Vinnie and our new puppy Freyja and supporting them in a positive way in our home so that they learn to settle together. Freyja will be attending Mark’s puppy classes in the New Year and Vinnie continues to grow in confidence around other dogs and I now know when he is happy to play or when he is not. Thanks to Mark I now have a whole range of tactics I can use and Vinnie’s confidence continues to grow, as does mine! Vinnie has made amazing progress and is now able to have positive and playful interactions with other dogs when it’s right for him which is such amazing progress. I would highly recommend Acer Gundog Training. Thank you Mark – we now have a happier dog and a very happy puppy as a result!”

5 Star Review #23

Amanda Forsyth with Beans & Toast (English Springer Spaniel & Labrador) Dec 2016

“Positive reward based training for gundog breeds in an outdoor environment. Friendly atmosphere”

5 Star Review #22

Caroline Robinson & Mickey (Working Cocker Spaniel) Dec 2016

“I have been attending Acer Dog Training for about 5-6 months now with my Working Cocker Spaniel Mickey. We rehomed him 2 year ago (he is now 4 years old) and he had his issues – being nervous towards dogs and humans and pulling on his lead were top of the list but there were many more. We tried a number of different methods to try and help such agility classes to try and burn his energy, puppy classes to try and social him and I also tried a dog behaviourist but none were very successful. I found Acer Dog Training on Facebook and went for a 1-1 with Mark. Mickey came into his own – he loved it. It was amazing seeing him do what he was bred to do and loving it. I’ve never seen his tail wag so much and using his brain tires him out more than I though! He is a great little dog and it’s the best feeling seeing him so happy. The classes have helped with his general obedience and he now walks to heal (except when dummies are flying) he even likes the other dogs. I would highly recommend Mark and Acer Dog Training. He has transformed Mickey into a well behaved treasure of a dog.”

5 Star Review #21

Jacqui Horne with George & Tamworth (both Working Retrievers) Dec 2016

“Last summer I was looking for a local Gundog trainer that could help me train two of my dogs and develop their natural abilities so I contacted Acer Gundog Training went along to watch a session. I liked what I saw so I enrolled my older dog, George, first and then my second dog Tamworth when she was 6 months old. We have not been disappointed. Mark provides a variety of classes for different abilities in a lovely outdoor setting – my 4 year old dog is partly trained and my 7 month old just beginning. The classes are gauged to the ability of the canine students in them, are well planned and exercises are broken down into manageable steps allowing the dog (and owner) to learn without being overwhelmed. Mark is calm and willing to discuss any training issues that arise, along with tips on how to practice out on daily walks. I have no hesitation in recommending Acer Gundog Training.”

5 Star Review #20

Haylee Mcquilliam & Forrest (English Springer Spaniel) Nov 2016

“Before finding Mark we took our Springer Spaniel puppy to two other trainers but were really looking for a trainer for gundog breeds so we could train Forrest in all the skills he is bred for. In just 6 months we have progressed from complete beginners to the intermediate classes and have seen a huge difference in Forrest. His steadiness, retrieves and hunting skills have come on leaps and bounds and we have learnt how to increase and decrease difficulty in training. Mark teaches how to mentally stimulate your working breed and he comes home much more relaxed than he would after an hour of just running around. I would defiantly recommend Acer Dog training to anyone and I’m sure Forrest would too”

5 Star Review #19

Gail Barlow & Harry (Golden Retriever) Nov 2016

“Harry has been training with Mark for a couple of months now and the transformation has been amazing. The whistle training has revolutionised our walks!”

5 Star Review #18

Heather Bhasin & Georgie (Labrador) Nov 2016

“My 4-month lab pup, Georgie, and I recently started puppy classes with Mark at Acer Dog Training, having looked around at various classes and considered just training by ourselves….. and I can’t say how glad I am that we chose Acer – we both love the classes and have already learned loads; Mark’s an excellent teacher – very calm and he clearly loves this job. I can’t recommend his puppy classes enough – wish we’d started sooner!”

5 Star Review #17

Karen Cracknell & Murphy (Flatcoat Retriever) Nov 2016

“As first time dog owners, we needed as much training as Murphy and Mark has really helped us all. Murphy was very “bouncy” when out on the lead meeting other people and dogs, but Mark has taught us how to keep Murphy steady and give him some manners! Murphy is now so much better behaved when out and yesterday I was really proud of him as we were out with other dogs and he was the best behaved. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark.”

5 Star Review #16

Cecilia Tran & Bertie (Oct 2016)

“Bertie and I have come a long way with Mark’s guidance at puppy school. As a first-time dog owner, the task at hand with a puppy often felt overwhelming but the patience and reassurance provided by Mark has been second to none. Whilst we cover the syllabus, the knowledge and experience imparted has been priceless in integrating Bertie into our home life.”

5 Star Review #15

Victoria Mead & Harley (Labrador) Oct 2016

“Every Sunday, I attended the puppy classes. Mark has really helped establish a strong bond between me and my Labrador, Harley. Mark’s positive reinforcement training has helped us along way. I wouldn’t of know how to start training Harley due to his over excitable behaviour. Harley is brilliant at his recall, is quick to look at me when I ask for his attention and waits perfectly by the back gate until I open it and tell him he can walk through. We are still working hard on our heal work but I’ve seen a huge improvement in him! A big thank you to Mark for all his help with training Harley and the advice. Every week is different and exciting for all of the dogs! I definitely recommend Mark to all dog owners wishing to train their new puppy’s or would like their animal friend to become a gun dog”

5 Star Review #14

Heather Bradbury & Eden (Labrador) Oct 2016

“Acer Gundog Training is fantastic. In a lovely setting with plenty of space to work. Learnt so much from how to heal my puppy as well as now onto more advanced things such as memory retrieves. Eden has come on leaps and bounds and I’m really looking forward to carrying on all the way through. Eden is 5 months old and can heal off the lead. Sit, stay, retrieve, recall, and steadiness. Highly recommend to anyone in the area.”

5 Star Review #13

Keith Bedford & Lottie (Labrador) Oct 2016

“Highly recommend Mark, I really like his training methods using positive reinforcement. I initially had Mark visit my house for a 1 on 1 session which was really informative and helped in my decision to find a Gun Dog Trainer. Lottie my Labrador has really benefited from the sessions as have I and the classes are fun and well structured. You can tell Mark loves what he does and it come across in his training methods.”

5 Star Review #12

Susan Archer & Rufus (Brittany) Oct 2016

“Second session with Mark for Rufus & I today and it was fab. Mark has helped us both with our confidence & Rufus really showed it today which was so lovely. Cheers Mark!!!!!”

5 Star Review #11

-Lily Woodford & Spider (Working Cocker Spaniel) Aug 2016

“Just had a training session with Mark and my young working cocker, Spider. Mark was great, he explained everything clearly and we learnt loads. He made me feel welcome and relaxed. Spider also loved it as he put no pressure on her and went at her pace! He lowered the criteria when she struggled and upped the criteria when she needed to go up a gear. We will definitely return and join the group classes and more 1 2 1’s. Would highly recommend him.”

5 Star Review #10

-Mimi & Jacob Smith with Bolt (Labrador) Aug 2016

“My twelve year old son and his dog, Bolt, have been working with Mark  for the last four weeks in 1 to 1.  training sessions. Bolt is a two year old lab. We love him to pieces but his manners and training needed a little work, to say the least. What Bolt loves more than anything his is ball . Normally you train with treats but very quickly Mark realised that Bolt’s love for his ball was much greater. In just four sessions bolt is a much more well mannered dog. Also a much happier dog . He has learned to sit and stay, recall, walk to heel without pulling on the lead. In just three sessions, completely awesome as my son would say. Jacob wants more than anything to take Bolt for walks on his own. Previously it was far from safe to let him do this as Bolt use to pull like a train. Jacob’s bond with Bolt is now so strong and they are definitely best friends. I never in my wildest dreams expected Bolt to be a well mannered and following all these commands . I am so excited for what’s ahead for Bolt. Once again thank you so much mark. You truly are a Dog Whisper.”

5 Star Review #9

Keith & Chris Austin with Millie & Flo (English Springer Spaniel & Labrador) Aug 2016

“Thanks to Acer Gundogs for your help with Millie and Flo, they have come a long way and with your training techniques you have shown us, we are sure they will continue to improve. We would definitely recommend Acer Gundogs”

5 Star Review #8

Nicki Harris & Sam (English Springer Spaniel) Aug 2016

“My dog loves these classes – it’s great to see him really having to think and using his natural instincts. He’s exhausted but very happy by the end of a lesson. Mark is a very good instructor, patient and good at looking at different ways to approach a problem. Highly recommended.”

5 Star Review #7

Sarah Massey & Scarpa (Labrador Viszla X) July 2016

“Scarpa our Labrador Viszla cross puppy loves these classes and has improved so much. Mark is great working with each breeds unique characteristics and outdoors in a real life setting. Thoroughly recommend Acer dog training.”

5 Star Review #6

Emma Bailey with Doug & Grace (both German Shorthaired Pointers) July 2016

“I take both our GSPs to separate classes, Douglas is 13 weeks and Gracie is nearly 3 years old, all of us love it! Mark is extremely knowledgeable and makes all of his classes both fun and rewarding, really strengthening the bond between us. The classes are very relaxed and Mark takes time with you individually, as well as working together in a group, have already learnt so much, would thoroughly recommend him.”

5 Star Review #5

Joyce Malpas & Rosie (Labrador) June 2016

“Excellent training from Mark. Always gives new insight into What Rosie may be thinking! Enjoyable too.”

5 Star Review #4

Gina Ferrari & Hector (Labrador) June 2016

“Hector and I are both really enjoying puppy class and appreciate Mark’s calm and sensible approach… And we are learning loads! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

5 Star Review #3

Nikki Cooke & Barney (Golden Retriever) June 2016

“Barney and I love our training sessions with Mark, he’s very adaptable for your dogs’ needs and I would highly recommend him.”

5 Star Review #2

-Luci Sanan (June 2016)

“Highly recommend Mark as a fantastic trainer with good, modern and ethical training knowledge and up to date training skills. It’s wonderful to see people training working dogs (of all breeds) with positive methods. A great way to spend time bonding and having fun with your dog. Do it!”

5 Star Review #1

-Ben Chilton & Basil (Labrador Springer Spaniel X) June 2016

“After the disruption to Basil’s life (my pride and joy Springador) following the birth of my Daughter, I was looking for something fun and enjoyable to do with him. Both to make sure that he was not being neglected but also to help improve his somewhat questionable training.  I saw Acer training in a local magazine and contacted Mark to find out what was involved.  Me and Basil have been going along to Individual training sessions with a goal of progressing to the gundog classes. After the first five minutes it was clear that Basil had the bug and it only took another five minutes for me to follow. In the few sessions that I have been to with Mark, Basil is almost unrecognisable. He has gone from being a terrible “puller” on the lead (the one thing my wife wanted Basil to improve on) to receiving praise from my wife and others on how good he now is on walks. His self control has improved vastly, patiently sitting whilst I walk 10 foot away, place a dummy and remain sitting until I release him. This really is a big achievement for him as he has such high levels of excitement and energy.  Not only is Basil more well behaved and focused whilst out and about he is also calmer around the house, not only due to the increased physical activity he is getting from the sessions and on his walks, but also and probably more importantly the mental stimulation.  Basil is not the only one who is benefitting from training with Mark. I am now more confident as a handler and my wife has also commented on me being happier around the house as well!  Mark is very patient and always on hand for advice if required. He has really made massive improvements in a short space of time and I can not praise Acer Dog Training enough. The individual sessions have allowed me to fully focus on Basil whilst Mark keeps a watchful eye and corrects the beginners mistakes that I make.  Basil and I look forward to developing into a great Handler and Retriever team in the coming months and years!


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