Gundog Training Summary

The tables below are designed to help you find the right training option for you and your gundog.



For dogs under 6 months of age we offer:


Puppy Training Options Cost Highlights
Puppy Programme £99 Home Visit (pre/post vaccs) including Individual Training Session Go
Puppy Classes £90 every 6 weeks Group Class, Limited Numbers, Outdoors Go


Adult Dogs


Individual Training options we offer: 


Individual Training Options Cost Highlights
Good Dog Programme £399 Home Visit, Personalised Training Plan, 6 x Individual Training Sessions, Discount on Group Classes, Discount on Additional Dogs, Practice Exercises, Unlimited Email/Phone Support Go
One-to-One Training Session £50 weekdays £75 evenings & weekends 45 mins, Dedicated Focus, Personalised To Your Needs Go


For dogs who already have basic training we offer the following Gundog Training Classes:


Gundog Training Classes Cost Highlights
Beginner Gundog Class £90 every 6 weeks Loose-lead, Sit/Stay for 2 mins (20 yds), Marked Retrieve, Hunt in Light Cover, Delivery to Hand, Introduction to Whistle Go
Junior Gundog Class £90 first 6 weeks (£75 every 6 weeks renewal) Heelwork: off-lead, Sit/Stay for 3 mins (30 yds), Marked & Memory Retrieves, Steady to Fall Go
Intermediate Gundog Class £90 first 6 weeks (£75 every 6 weeks renewal) Heelwork: off-lead & Sit/Stay with distraction, Marked, Blind & Memory Retrieves, Stop Whistle, Steady to Fall, Directional Control Go