About Us

What Dog Training options do you offer?

Acer provides reward-based gundog training in Cambridge, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and is run by Mark Taylor, IMDT. Our clients include both pet gundog breeds as well as working dogs.

Our main training ground is located in Steeple Morden, near Royston. We offer the following dog training options:

  • Personalised Dog Training Programmes
  • Individual Dog Training Sessions
  • Gundog Classes for small groups

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Can I bring my pet dog to Gundog Training?

Many of the owners that come to us for dog training have no interest in taking their dog on a day's shooting. Their primary interest is in having fun teaching their dog good manners and building a lasting bond with their companion.

It is no coincidence therefore, that the majority of dogs whose owners bring them to Acer for dog training are first and foremost, pets. They live indoors and spend their evenings snoozing on a rug in front of the fire.

Some go on to become great working dogs, both in the field and by competing in trials. Others are happy, well-mannered companions for their owners. One thing all dogs have in common is that their owners understand the benefits of training their gundog in a way that makes the best use of its natural hunting and retrieving instincts.

Meet the Team

Mark (Head Trainer)

Tori (Trainer)

Where are the Gundog Training sessions held?

Acer Dogs Training Ground Steeple Morden south cambridgeshire
Our training ground in Steeple Morden, by kind permission of Steeple Morden Parish Council

Most dog owners train their dog to sit and come when called within the confines of their home, or maybe at a class in the local church hall. The trouble is, these environments aren't authentic. They won’t equip you to deal with all the tempting distractions that your dog will face when you are out and about together in the countryside.

All our training sessions take place outdoors in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Our main training ground is located in Steeple Morden and we run all our Saturday training from a ground in Bourn. These outdoor environments are exactly the type of place you will want to train your dog to respond to you.

For puppies and beginners, we use a quiet, part-enclosed field with short grass which is bordered by hedgerows. For more advanced gundog training we use a meadow which has variable terrain. This includes longer grass and lots of cover in the form of bushes and woodland. We also have hedgerows, obstacles, natural pathways for running lanes and a stream.

Class sizes are limited so that you get maximum attention during your time training together.